“Karya untuk Bangsa” in Commemoration of the 14th Anniversary of Plataran Indonesia, Collaboration with R.O.L.E Foundation to Support Women’s Empowerment

(Baliekbis.com), Plataran Indonesia celebrated its 14th anniversary on 6th January 2023. To enliven the celebration, Plataran Indonesia organised several events under the theme “Karya untuk Bangsa”. The event was held in various regions, including Plataran Canggu, where 14 workshops were held throughout the anniversary month also in conjunction with International Education Day on January 24. The event will be held across Indonesia focusing on three cities of Jakarta, Magelang, and Bali.

Together with the R.O.L.E Foundation, Plataran is working to support one of their programs, namely Bali WISE which prioritizes women’s empowerment. Women who are interested in working in the tourism and digital marketing sectors will be given basic training as well as direct training at the hotel. This scholarship program is given to underprivileged women aged 17-24 years.

Kay Tadjoedin, Corporate Director of Marketing Plataran Indonesia, said that the Bali WISE Scholarship Workshop aims to improve the quality of female workers in Indonesia, especially in Bali, as well as provide a skilled workforce in the tourism sector. This event was a form of Plataran’s concern and support for Indonesian community, in line with Plataran Indonesia’s pillars, namely Nature, Culture and Community.

Bali WISE Scholarship Workshop was held at Plataran Canggu Bali Resort & Spa on 9th January 2023 at 10:00 am, cocooned within tropical gardens, alongside a river and lush green paddy fields. Participants were able to join the scholarship by joining the interview held by Bali WISE team. (ist)